2017 US Old World Baseball Team Achieves 7-2 Record in Europe


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Old World Baseball
Image: oldworldbaseball.com

A freshman at Brandeis University, Darren Bates has considerable experience playing baseball and football at the Columbus Academy in Ohio. While attending his last two years of high school, Darren Bates competed in Old World Baseball (OWB). He was a member of the travel team that competed against European teams during both trips.

In 2017, Bates was among 21 baseball players from different parts of the United States who traveled to Europe over an 11-day period in July. The team visited locations such as Prague, Munich, and Zurich, following an itinerary that combined sightseeing and games.

Noteworthy OWB opponents included the Swiss men’s national team, the Czech 21U Team and Junior National Team, and the Junior National Team in Germany. The outcome of the competitive series of games was a successful 7-2 record. The 2017 Old World Baseball trip built on Bates’ 2016 experience with the travel team, which resulted in a winning 6-4 record.