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Darren Bates currently studies at Brandeis University, where he plays on the baseball team. Prior to Brandeis, Darren Bates attended Columbus Academy, where he was a three-year starter in football and baseball. Moreover, while a student at Columbus he was selected two times to play for Old World Baseball’s European Tour.

Founded by two former players, Old World Baseball provides individuals of all ages with custom trips to Europe that blend cultural experiences with baseball-playing opportunities. The trips, which are designed for those who are passionate about baseball but also want to experience Europe, are available for individuals, groups, adults, or even entire high school teams.

High school trips provide cultural experiences that many student athletes usually have to forego due to their busy athletic schedules. Designed for mature student athletes who are able to responsibly serve as ambassadors of US baseball, the high school trips feature a 6-1 player-to-coach ratio, top-of-the-line coaching, and stimulating competition. Trips also include cultural experiences such as city tours, as well as down time at hotels, beaches, or pools. In addition, students may be accompanied by parents at an added cost. For further information on Old World Baseball’s high school excursions, visit www.oldworldbaseball.com.